When selling a home, it’s important to know and highlight the features potential buyers are interested in. Having this knowledge helps sell the house more quickly, often for a better offer than what the seller may otherwise receive. Here are some trends that are proven to do just that:


Steam Shower

Homes listed on Zillow* that included a steam (or enclosed) shower in the listing description averaged a 29% higher sale price than those that didn’t.


Professional-Grade Appliances

Professional-grade appliances brought in the same price increase  as steam showers . An up-to-date kitchen is often an important qualification in any new home; but when the listing emphasizes that the appliances are new, top-grade quality, homebuyers are more willing to go above asking price. Wine fridges and sub-zero fridges are both extremely popular appliances  for prospective buyers.


Pizza Oven

According to Zillow Research, homes that showcased pizza ovens ranked third on the desirable home descriptions list. It’s a favorite among all age groups and adds to the Mediterranean style of living that continues to influence American households. For families that love spending time together on their patio, a pizza oven  greatly adds to the yard’s appeal. On average, a pizza oven brought in 25% more revenue from a sale, which is on par with the expected increase in sale price from listings that advertise an outdoor kitchen (also 25%). Overall, the desire to entertain outside drives the desire for amenities that make doing so easier.


Alternative Energy

Homebuyers are becoming more and more aware of renewable energy sources, as shown in their increasing interest in solar panels. As technology becomes more advanced, utilizing solar energy via panels is a simpler, less expensive way to garner more interest from buyers and to increase their home’s value.


Additional Features and Trends

Other features, such as open-shelving, dual-flush toilets, and mid-century accents, shortened the time homes spent on the housing marketand helped homes sell above their expected value, as well.


Other trends to consider: heated flooring, a pet shower, and studio in a shed or a garage. In general, amenities that indicate wellness are popular, as well, such as a meditation roomAs Zillow home design expert Kerrie Kelly explains, “Homebuyers are responding to these features because they signal properties that are likely to be updated and livable.” These features illustrate to the potential buyers that these homes fit seamlessly into the lives they envision for themselves.


*According to a study from 2016-2017


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