Dee Thompson


Buying “Safe”: Old City Continues to Thrive

In 2006, the U.S. housing bubble affected over half of the country with housing prices peaking and then rapidly declining. Due to Chicago’s and Illinois’ longstanding budget issues and massive debt burdens, some have speculated that the slightest economic downturn could prove a devastating blow to the city’s revitalization.

Features That Sell in Luxury Homes

When selling a home, it’s important to know and highlight the features potential buyers are interested in. Having this knowledge helps sell the house more quickly, often for a better offer than what the seller may otherwise receive. Here are some trends that are proven to do just that.

Urban Home Construction Trends

More than ever, the construction industry is looking to incorporate more environmentally-friendly practices into their projects. Climate change also presents a real issue that they seek to address. To provide a stronger, better home, here are some of the steps contractors are taking.

Women Breaking Barriers in Male Dominated Industries

More than ever, women are breaking down barriers in what used to be or are still very much dominated by male employees. Even now, in 2018, women are in the minority when it comes to fields such as business, technology, and sports, though they are working hard to change that.

Trends in Urban Home Building

Looking to spruce up your home after your spring cleaning is officially done? These trends are promising to make quite an influence in 2018. Get ahead of the curve and try them out now.

Old Town Resurgence

Despite the neighborhood’s name, Chicago’s Old Town has been receiving more attention than ever, and in recent years, and continues to see renewed vibrance year after year. While it first became a popular neighborhood in the 1960s and 70s when northern Chicago began...

Women in Construction

Although they only number eight percent of the construction workforce, women are making names for themselves and creating instrumental support systems for each other in the process. (And that eight percent? Mostly consists of office jobs, rather than on-site labor.)...